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  Selma's very own Wallace Community College is home to the Phi Theta Kappa Alpha Eta Tau division. Alph Eta Tay has two fantastic advisors, Mrs. Kerry Henderson and Mrs. Beck Davis, to guide the members in the right direction.

   Phi Theta Kappa participates in many service project. One is a service project known as project green. Phi Theta Kappa is one voice speaking to keep our planet beautiful. Step up and join that voice, for you can help make a difference.
We are the voice!

Mrs. Becky Davis, PTK Advisor


Being an advisor for Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society is one of the most rewarding parts of my teaching experience at Wallace Community College Selma. Each semester I look forward to recruiting new members and watching them grow to be leaders on our campus, exemplifying the hallmarks of scholarship, leadership, service and fellowship. Our chapter may be small, but we make a big impact on our campus and the community we serve. Thanks to your President, Dr. James Mitchell, we are able to participate in many state and national events each year. I look forward to working with our chapter and hope we have a great year!

Becky Davis, Advisor

Most of you may have either a young niece, nephew, or maybe a little sister or brother. Some may have children of your own. Well, this will let them be able to step up just like you and become their own voice to help better the world. With this link it will give them a chance to. After all the future of this world belongs to them.

Information from each meetings will be posted under the meetings tab for you. Please keep up with all current meetings if possible.
Project Green