Okay, so you've been invited to join Phi Theta Kappa. CONGRATS! You're probably wondering what does the Alpha Eta Tau division do? We do all kinds of things to help out our environment and community. For example, we host blood drives, we participate in Better World Books, and we participate in Project Green to do our part to keep America beautiful. Sounds like a lot of boring work right? Trust me, it is anything but boring. Being in Phi Theta Kappa gives you the opportunity to make new friendships. Alpha Eta Tau goes on numerous trips throughout the year. Because we have such a great president who is dedicated to our division of Phi Theta Kappa, all expenses are paid. Well, except for things you may want personally. Thanks Dr. Mitchell! The trips teach the members how to be leaders, how to better ourselves as well as our communities, and how to better our chapters. While that may not sound fun, it is LOTS of fun. No trip that Alpha Eta Tau has been on has been boring. We always have a blast.